Bed Bugs in Library Books

When you go to a library and bring home a stack of books, you would never expect that you might also bring home bed bugs.

Over the last couple of year, reports have been growing of bed bug infestations in public libraries. Most recently, we’ve seen news stories of infestations in libraries in Los Angeles, Tulsa and Hamden, CT to name a few.

Bed bugs can nest in the bindings of books and lay their eggs there. So potentially that Lee Child mystery you’ve checked out contains more than just good thrills.

We have received orders for the ZappBug Oven from several libraries around the country because heat treatment is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs and bed bug eggs that might be in books.

Here’s a video of ZappBug killing bed bugs deep inside a book. We took a vial of live bed bugs and carved out a hole in the pages of a thick book—in other words, we put the bed bugs in the most insulated part of the book. ZappBug’s heat penetrated right through and killed them all.

Posted by Andrew Havlis