Bed Bugs on The Economist

Recently, The Economist published an article about a new type of bed bug trap developed by James Logan and Emma Weeks of the London School of Hygiene. This new trap uses chemicals synthesized from those found in bed bug fecal matter. According to the article, bed bugs use chemicals like these as a sort of breadcrumb trail to find their way home. The new trap fools bed bugs by leading them directly into the trap. This will help people discover if they have an infestation and add to the growing list of weapons in the fight to get rid of bed bugs. How effective are these new traps? This appears to be a secret for now but we at ZappBug hope that they will be better than the CO2, heat and gel traps currently on the market. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Economist, it is a great, balanced resource for news and information from around the world. Articles and opinions on The Economist tend to be written from an analytic rather than emotional point of view.