A plan to help low-income households get rid of bed bugs!

Bed bug infestations affect people in all social classes. However, low-income households find it particularly difficult to get rid of bed bugs. Recovering from a bedbug infestation takes time and money and one community in Canada (Sarnia-Lambton) is pitching in to help get rid of bed bugs. Politicians in Sarnia-Lambton are putting together a plan that will help individuals in the community as well as institutions. In a press release the local council states that they have received several complaints about bed bugs from low-income households and that there have even been infestations in local nursing homes. The program will be kicking off with a community forum addressing best practices for getting rid of bed bugs. After that, the council hopes to follow up by providing financial assistance to low-income households with bed bug infestations. We think this is a great plan because bed bugs are a problem for the entire community. Even if you have the resources to get rid of bed bugs on your own, the care provider who takes care of your parents might not. Here at Zappbug this story has really struck a cord and we are going to look into helping low-income households get rid of bed bugs...we are also interested in helping Sarnia-Lambton get a hold of the new ZappBug Oven.