Bed Bug City Ranking

Many people think of bed bugs as being a problem mainly in New York City. Not true. They are a major problem nationwide.

A few weeks ago, Orkin came out with a new survey ranking the top 50 cities in the US with bed bug problems.

The survey highlights how widespread the bed bug problem is, ranging from small cities to big and from coast to coast.

It’s important to remember that this is not a scientific survey. It’s based upon how many calls that Orkin received and doesn’t account for their competitors. But it at least gives some idea of the scope and nature of the problem.

New York City comes in at number 10. It’s still a big problem in New York but not as bad as Chicago which is number 1. Nor as bad as several cities in Ohio. Seattle, the hometown of ZappBug, comes in at number 13.

The broad ranging results of the survey correspond with our experience at ZappBug—we’ve shipped bed bug ovens throughout both the US and Canada, from very small towns to big cities and everything in between. Unfortunately, bed bugs remain a major problem no matter the city or state, or even country.

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Posted by Andrew Havlis